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NHFVirtual In safe hands with Ann-Marie Robertson Know to us.
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Bewsey and Whitecross Police
· 9 Jul
PC Stevens and I have had a joint meeting with John from Torus this morning. We have been addressing some neighbour issues around Leicester Street.

Hi I thought the attached screenshot would have shown I had Joined Tpas! Total waste of time, Tpas won't even reply to members. Tpas tenants landlord engagement is another publicity stunt built with no foundation like an effective complaints procedure
StHelens Torus are hiding like cowards! ScrutinyWeek
Torus Group force employees into below inflation pay increases, their austerity measures do not apply to board members. Last year the best paid members of the Torus board payments increase by 6.2 per cent.

"In an increasing number of cases Inside Housing has come across, housing associations are now looking to pass the costs of the checks and potential remediation works on to leaseholders." This includes HAs from the super-wealthy G15!
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Paul Kershaw
· 12h
"Inside Housing is aware of a number of instances... associations have told leaseholders that they will be unable to carry out the checks on their blocks because of the cost" Cannot be acceptable! https://insidehousing.co.uk/news/leaseholders-could-be-trapped-in-homes-for-years-as-housing-associations-struggle-to-cope-with-scale-of-ews-crisis-67331… CladdingScandal EWS1 ukhousing socialhousing @HAWRNet